It all started at the end of 2018 when I was looking for a way to moisturise my dry skin. I had used other moisturisers, but by the middle of the day I would always have dry marks in the creases of my skin and I would have to moisturise again. 
My mother saw how frustrated and embarrassed I was by it, so she had my Aunty bring me some Shea Butter from our home country Nigeria.
Upon using the Shea Butter, I couldn’t believe how my skin felt, plus it stayed moisturised throughout the ENTIRE day. I couldn’t believe the results this butter gave me, so I started doing research into the natural skincare and haircare world. 
I found out not only are natural ingredients packed with beneficial nutrients and vitamins which help with skin and hair issues, but they are much better for the environment, compared to synthetic skincare products and are less irritating on the skin and hair.
This led me to the create Motherland Organics where we ethically source natural skincare and haircare ingredients from their places of origin ensuring that they are authentic and of the highest quality and we use these ingredients to help solve haircare and skincare concerns.